Cosmetology Curriculum

The Cosmetology Curriculum consists of 1500 hours:

Hair Cutting, Styling and Related Theory 500 hrs
Hair Coloring and Related Theory 200 hrs
Cold Waving and Related Theory 200 hrs
Orientation, Rules and Laws 100 hrs
Manicuring and Related Theory 100 hrs
Shampoo and Related Theory 100 hrs
Chemistry 75 hrs
Salon Management and Practices 75 hrs
Hair and Scalp Treatment and Related Theory 50 hrs
Chemical Hair Relaxing and Related Theory 50 hrs
Facial and Related Theory 50 hrs
Topic Applications
Client Protection 600
Hairdressing: Arranging Cutting Dressing Shampooing Curling Pressing and Finger Waving 600
Sanitation 500
Hair coloring: Temporary Semi-permanent Permanent Bleaching and Dimensional Coloring Color Mixing 100
Chemical Hair Services: (minimum of 5 services in each category) Restructuring Permanent Waving Straightening and Relaxing 100
Facials: (minimum of 5 services in each category) Skin Analysis and Skin Care Manipulation and Massage Removal of Hair by Wax, Tweezers, or Depilatories Make-up and Brow Arch 30
Scalp and Hair Treatments 30
Manicuring and Pedicuring 30


Each cosmetology student must complete practical applications of the curriculum according to the school's published minimum practical applications or by the following schedule, whichever is greater.

The practical applications shown beside this on the table may be performed on a mannequin, a student or a patron, and mock applications may be used when appropriate and necessary. It shall be the responsibility of the student to keep a record of the number of practical applications performed, but shall be verified by an instructor signature.